Our purpose is to raise chronic disorder awareness and provide scholarships to childres who are living with chronic disorders and going on to college.  These children have the burden of managing their illnesses and disorders, along with their day to day living, academics, and medical costs associated with their disease.  Many of these young people are inspiring, extremely positive, and aspire to overcome their challenges with passion and conviction.  They are active vital members of their communities, with strong academic performance, and participation in activities, sports and volunteerism, despite their disorders.  They are our future!  The requested funds will be used to financially support the supplies and items necessary to organize, publicize anf facilitate our mission including but not limiting to programs, announcements, posters, sponsor forms, and scholarship materials.

Our purpose is to raise chronic disorder awareness and raise money for the Lawrence Madeiros Scholarship Fund.





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Lawrence Madeiros Scholarship Fund, Inc.

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